Defacto + Lucid Dreamer 

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This collab is born as two free spirits join together to share their experiences. They have the profound understanding that they have to create art that promotes spiritual awakening and enlightenment. This team believes in the importance of ancestral knowledge such as lucid dreaming, and because of their ancestry, want to make a tribute to the precolumbian culture. By creating a sculpture that resembles one of the many sculptures that are in the archeological site of San Agustin. This sculpture has two sides, one very similar to the original sculpture, and the other side with sun glasses ( trying to unify the ancestral with the contemporary ) the old with the new. One side is Black and the other side in White signifying the Yin-Yang equilibrium of all forces. The symbols and elements found along the surface represent spiritual knowledge such as the merkaba, spiral, eye of Horus and the four elements. This piece is also accompanied by phrases to make viewer question his/her reality. We call this esthetic “ Defacto-Johnnyglifics ”and this visual language uses some logos inspired by the Klaus Donna un his documentary called the “Secret History of the Human Race” among some other esoteric symbols. “ Johnny López, crafted the piece and Rob T. creative directed the project and translated this masterpiece into several multiple pieces for you to enjoy “. With this collab we seek to promote spiritual enlightenment and the practice of lucid dreaming. This is a practice that a lot of human civilizations have considered sacred and a way to communicate with the inner worlds. More importantly it’s a doorway to the spiritual realm, a way to be free from the boundaries. Free yourself from the limits of the material world by being lucid in the dream world.